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Bills piling up and need cash fast? House outdated or downsizing? Relocating for work or possibly facing foreclosure? Whatever your reason IPS Cash is here to help. We will buy your as-is home and give you cash. No repairs. No commissions. No open houses. No hidden fees. Just cash for your as-is home. Let’s look at some of the benefits of selling your home for cash.

No Appraisal

When selling your home the traditional way you are dependent on a mortgage lender. The lender needs to know that the value of your home is worth the amount you’re asking them to finance in order to reduce their financial risk. This is where the appraisal comes in, and if the appraisal is on the low side the lender may back out and you need to start from square one again. When you choose a cash home buyer, like IPS Cash, we come and inspect your property to determine the top cash offer to give to you.

Less Risky

Typically cash offers are much stronger than going the traditional route. When you’re given numerous options it’s just logical to go with the one with the least risk. Even if the offer is lower the seller will go with the cash offer over the one being financed. The seller knows it’s going to be a much quicker process and that they’ll get paid sooner.


Faster Closing

When you choose a cash sale over the traditional route the closing time is much quicker. Going with your traditional real estate agent could take months from beginning to end. With a cash home buyer, you could be closed in as little as a week.

Less Stress

Selling your house the traditional way can be extremely stressful. You need to finish up those repairs you’ve been putting off. Make sure the house is spotless. Have groups of people constantly walking through your house, not to mention all the little details and then the possibility of the buyer backing out. When you sell your house for cash there is none of that. We will come and inspect your property, as-is, make you a top cash offer, and once you accept it we give you the cash and we can be closed in as little as a week.

No Repairs

The reason why most people avoid making the necessary repairs is that they don’t have the time or the money to do so. That’s why selling your house for cash is so appealing. We buy your house, as-is!

No Inspections

Admit it, no one enjoys the process of going through an inspection or appraisal. Finding out everything that is wrong with your beloved home can be overwhelming and extremely stressful. A cash sale lets you avoid all of that.

IPS Cash is a genuine, family-oriented company. We have years of experience and a process with a proven track record of helping thousands of families and individuals over the years. We’ve eased the burden of countless families ready to move on, hassle-free, by providing expert guidance and convenient selling options. We buy houses for cash as-is. Inherited Properties is your go-to cash home buyers in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Maine.

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