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IPS Cash started as a necessity for something that didn’t exist. Years ago, real estate investor and landlord, Joe Theriault was unsettled that people were suddenly thrust into a great deal of responsibility during a difficult time such as losing a loved one and becoming responsible for inherited property. Furthermore, he realized that this was more complex than a typical real estate transaction.

Ever since then, Joe and his team have dedicated their time to help this distinct group of individuals sell their inherited property with dignity and move on with their lives.

  • Joe Theriault
    Joe Theriault Owner & CEO

    Joe has earned the trust of executors, administrators, and attorneys alike by helping families settle estates in the most efficient and dignified manner. Over the years, Joe has developed unique expertise in probate, trust, and inheritance property sales alongside his experience as an investor and landlord. When not working, you can find Joe working out, practicing yoga, and spending time with his family.

  • Candy Osborne
    Candy Osborne Chief Operating Officer

    Candy’s Marine Corps background influences her driven and disciplined approach. Analytical yet creative, she works company-wide to lead teams, solve business problems, and execute the vision. Candy has two sons and when not working, you’ll find her practicing yoga and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, strength training, learning to speak Spanish, or reading a good novel.

  • Jenn Rodriguez
    Jenn Rodriguez Logistics

    Jenn makes sure that all of the team’s background players are ready to jump in and help wherever needed. Jenn has had nearly a decade of experience leading teams to success and enjoys working within real estate. Outside of the workplace when she’s not gaming on her custom rig you can find her hiking around one of New England’s many forest trails.

  • Amy Lauro
    Amy Lauro Sales

    Amy spent most of her career as an urban middle school math teacher and recently acquired her Real Estate Salesperson license. As a mother of 3, and a former teacher, her strengths include multi-tasking, organization and relationship building. In her spare time she is an avid golfer. She also enjoys gardening and spending time by the pool or ocean with her family.

  • LJ Raceles
    LJ Raceles Transaction Coordinator

    LJ is backed up by years of experience in customer service and real estate, leading to expertise in areas of phone management, CRM systems and various administrative tasks. LJ’s positive outlook and passion to succeed are what she brings to the table. Outside of work, she enjoys listening to different genres of rock music, playing badminton, and spending time with her family.

  • Chel Roy
    Chel Roy Sales

    Chel has 4 years of experience in the hospitality industry as a front office supervisor where she was also exposed to hotel reservation and sales. Chel also has  5 years of experience in the BPO industry in customer support, handling sales in an e-commerce account, handling care assistance for customer billing and also with a TELCO account in the US. Outside of work, she loves doing volunteer work.

  • Alexis Csicsek
    Alexis Csicsek Sales

    After starting her career as a school music teacher, Alexis joined the IPS Cash team with passions for real estate and making a difference. She is extremely focused, driven, and enjoys collaborating with others. Since Alexis is a musician, outside of work you will most likely find her practicing singing and playing guitar or performing. She also enjoys travel, gardening, and cooking.

  • Mike Muchemore
    Mike Muchemore Sales

    Mike has a plethora of experience in sales, both independently and as a part of a team, serving as a general sales manager. His military background has further enhanced his ability to work effectively within a team and his self-disciplined personality. On his days off, you can find Mike playing with his dogs and spending time with his family.

  • Kim Morin
    Kim Morin Transaction Coordinator

    Kim boasts 30+ years in mortgage lending, specializing in 1-4 unit homes. She prides herself on her product knowledge as well as her proven success at maintaining a positive experience for her clients. Joining IPS Cash, she refines her real estate skills, focusing on sales, and prioritizing customer satisfaction. An avid animal lover, she enjoys camping and outdoor activities during her free time.

  • Thanya Chevez
    Thanya Chevez Sales

    For a decade, Thanya poured her passion into bartending, now seeking a path aligning her interpersonal skills. Eager to serve and aid others, she pivots towards a more purposeful career, eyeing sales for growth. In her leisure, she enjoys writing poetry, exercising, and engaging in dance battles with her daughter.

  • Austin McDonald
    Austin McDonald Sales

    Austin, boasting 3+ years at a multifamily development firm, gained insight spanning general labor to project management, delving deep into construction and real estate. This journey fostered a profound appreciation for real estate’s impact on lives. Driven and eager to expand knowledge, he cherishes family time and indulges in jiu-jitsu during leisure.

  • Ben Thew
    Ben Thew Sales

    Ben has over 14 years experience as a sales representative and sales manager. Ben has a passion for helping others through sales and loves being part of a team. He enjoys getting to know his customers and finding out how he can make a difference. In his spare time Ben loves spending time with his wife and pet bunny, traveling and attending sporting events.

  • Casey Corcoran
    Casey Corcoran Sales

    Casey began his career in Real Estate working for builders/developers helping permit and sell residential subdivision projects. He acquired his Real Estate license 15+ years ago and has experience in sales, design, remodeling, and new construction. With free time, Casey enjoys golfing in the league he created with his wife, watching his kids perform music and play sports, and vacationing with friends.

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