About Us

IPS Cash started as a necessity for something that didn’t exist. Years ago, real estate investor and landlord, Joe Theriault was unsettled that people were suddenly thrust into a great deal of responsibility during a difficult time such as losing a loved one and becoming responsible for inherited property. Furthermore, he realized that this was more complex than a typical real estate transaction.

Ever since then, Joe and his team have dedicated their time to help this distinct group of individuals sell their inherited property with dignity and move on with their lives.

Joe Theriault, Founder & Owner

Joe has earned the trust of executors, administrators, and attorneys alike by helping families settle estates in the most efficient and dignified manner. Over the years, Joe has developed unique expertise in probate, trust, and inheritance property sales alongside his experience as an investor and landlord. When not working, you can find Joe working out, practicing yoga, and spending time with his family.

Candy Osborne, Chief Operating Officer

Candy’s Marine Corps background influences her driven and disciplined approach. Analytical yet creative, she works company-wide to lead teams, solve business problems, and execute the vision. Candy has two sons and when not working, you’ll find her practicing yoga and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, strength training, learning to speak Spanish, or reading a good novel.

Jeff Kliska, Rehab Manager

Jeff spent the early part of his career in the automotive business in various positions that garnered him excellent skills in team building, negotiation, business planning and operations. Since then, Jeff has combined his experience to manage the day-to-day company operations, as well as acquisitions analysis, personnel, construction management, and elevating team success. In his personal life, Jeff and his wife Jessica enjoy traveling, hiking, kayaking and exploring all the world has to offer.

Jenn Rodriguez, Support Services Manager

As the Support Services Manager, Jenn makes sure that all of the team's background players are ready to jump in and help wherever needed. Jenn has had nearly a decade of experience leading teams to success and enjoys working within real estate. Outside of the workplace when she’s not gaming on her custom rig you can find her hiking around one of New England’s many forest trails.

Rachelle Simpson, Transaction Coordinator

Rachelle has a background in Psychology and 30+ years of real estate experience. Her experience in real estate includes rentals, lease options, rehabs, wholesales, short sales/foreclosures, and owner-finance/creative finance deals. She also has extensive experience in vacation rentals and hotel management. When not working, Rachelle enjoys reading, meditating, walking/hiking, or perhaps catching a movie.

Jon Sweet, Sales

Jon has 20+ years of experience in real estate investing and is very knowledgeable in all aspects of a real estate transaction.  Jon and his wife had their own RE business. They owned 30+ units and bought and sold multiple properties per month.  Jon recently returned from Costa Rica, where he was managing a family owned hotel, as well as working remotely in dispositions of investment properties.

Amy Lauro, Sales

Amy spent most of her career as an urban middle school math teacher and recently acquired her Real Estate Salesperson license. As a mother of 3, and a former teacher, her strengths include multi-tasking, organization and relationship building. In her spare time she is an avid golfer. She also enjoys gardening and spending time by the pool or ocean with her family. 

LJ Raceles, Sales

LJ is backed up by years of experience in customer service and real estate, leading to expertise in areas of phone management, CRM systems and various administrative tasks. LJ’s positive outlook and passion to succeed are what she brings to the table. Outside of work, she enjoys listening to different genres of rock music, playing badminton, and spending time with her family.

Ali Ultra, Sales

Ali has worked in marketing, social media, customer service, content creation, and now immersed in real estate. Ali joined IPS Cash strongly believing in its noble mission of easing the burden of 1,000 families by 2025. On her own time, Ali is a financial wellness educator, a tea enthusiast, and immensely loves steak. Ultimately, Ali is an opacarophile who always enjoys the healing of the sunset.

Devin Carvalho, Sales

Devin has more than four years of sales and customer service experience with a strong passion and will-power to succeed no matter the circumstances. Devin ensures smooth transactions and helps customers throughout the entire process. He enjoys getting people into the next chapter of their life and is beyond grateful to help. Devin is the oldest of five and graduated from Suffolk University, majoring in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing.

Devin Sullivan, Sales

Devin has worked in the construction industry as a carpenter and a project manager for 5 years. Before that he worked in retail and customer service. He has a passion for real estate and uses his previous experience as an advantage in the lead management role. Outside of work you can find him outdoors hiking or inside playing guitar and singing. He also loves to travel as much as he can.


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