Previous posts covered selling to an investor, selling via an auction and selling on your own (for sale by owner). Today, I want to share information with you on selling with a real estate agent. This is the most common way to sell real estate. After signing an agreement with the agent, he or she will have exclusive rights to sell the contract and regardless of who finds a buyer, the selling agent will receive a

• You will receive expert guidance from a professional who knows the market and the standard real estate selling process.
• You will reap additional benefits of streamlined communication and understanding of the unique process if you can find an agent who specializes in probate and inheritance properties.
• You will have access and an “in” with local contractors by using the agent’s vetted network of area service professionals.
• You will receive the best marketing possible and not have to do any of it yourself.

• You will have to pay the 6% commission fee for hiring an agent to provide services for you.
• You will have to set aside several months, at minimum, to allow for the process to unfold.
• You may have to make repairs and mitigate anything found during the home inspection.

If you’re interested in selling on the market with an experienced inherited property real estate agent, or with an investor for cash, contact me.