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How to Handle Probate & Inheritance Property

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Discover the Key to Effortlessly Navigating Inherited Property in MA & NH

Inheriting property comes with its own set of challenges, from emotional decisions to legal complexities. “Solutions for Inherited Property in MA & NH” by Joe Theriault is your essential guide through the maze of managing, selling, and understanding the tax implications of inherited properties in Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

This concise yet comprehensive ebook offers practical advice and strategies tailored to the unique needs of those dealing with inherited property. Whether you’re an executor, trustee, or beneficiary, you’ll find invaluable insights on:

  • Navigating Probate and Estate Property: Learn the crucial first steps and how to handle disputes and legal hurdles with ease.
  • Options for Your Inherited Property: From selling at auction to renting it out, explore six detailed strategies to make the best decision for your situation.
  • Tax Implications and Foreclosure Solutions: Arm yourself with knowledge on tax considerations and how to manage properties in foreclosure.
  • Estate Planning to Prevent Future Issues: Discover how proper planning can simplify the inheritance process for future generations.

Additionally, gain access to state-specific advice for residents of Massachusetts and New Hampshire, ensuring you’re well-equipped to navigate the local legal landscape.

Written by Joe Theriault, with insights from Attorney Alexander S. Buchanan, this guide demystifies the process of handling inherited property, offering peace of mind and clarity.

Don’t let the weight of inherited property burden you. Download “Solutions for Inherited Property in MA & NH” today, and take control of your property matters with confidence and ease.

What are your 6 Options for Inherited & Probate Property?

Get your FREE copy of  Joe Theriault’s latest ebook: “Solutions for Inherited Property in MA & NH”. This is an excerpt from page 3 about First Steps When Receiving Inherited or Probate Property.

Is the Property Vacant?

  • If YES, put immediate measures in place to protect it.
  • If NO, but all heirs are agreeable, skip to Chapter 2.
  • If NOand there is no chance of an agreement
    among heirs, seek legal counsel.

Are All the Heirs Agreeable?

  • If YES, skip to Chapter 2.
  • If NO, and there is no chance of an agreement,
    seek legal counsel.

Do You Intend to Sell the Property?

  • If YES, seek a real estate agent who specializes
    in selling probate and trust properties.