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How to Handle Probate & Inheritance Property

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What are your 6 Options for Inherited & Probate Property?

Get your FREE copy of  Joe Theriault’s latest ebook: “Solutions for Inherited Property in MA & NH”. This is an excerpt from page 3 about First Steps When Receiving Inherited or Probate Property.

Is the Property Vacant?

  • If YES, put immediate measures in place to protect it.
  • If NO, but all heirs are agreeable, skip to Chapter 2.
  • If NOand there is no chance of an agreement
    among heirs, seek legal counsel.

Are All the Heirs Agreeable?

  • If YES, skip to Chapter 2.
  • If NO, and there is no chance of an agreement,
    seek legal counsel.

Do You Intend to Sell the Property?

  • If YES, seek a real estate agent who specializes
    in selling probate and trust properties.